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These terms do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer but are explained here so that our policies are clearly stated. Full Terms & Conditions are set below.


Every effort is made to ensure same day despatch ( for orders recieved before 2.PM ) and you should receive your order within 3  days, dependent on shipping Zones selected ( 1 / 2 Days). We can arrange specific delivery dates with extra charge. Please call or email to arrange this. Additional comments placed on orders without prior notification and acceptance, cannot be taken and will be held until cleared and agreed with any additional charges ammended.



In the unlikely event that an item / items are not in stock, then we will back order it for you and notify you of this, with the information supplied by you at the time of ordering. Please always include a contactable daytime telephone number if possible and or email address. We will give likely estimates to it's full availablity and delivery schedule




All goods remain the property of T White T/A Kent Coal until paid for in full.

All goods within this website carry manufacturers full guarantees and warranties.

Kent Coal reserves the right to replace any damaged item, at its discretion.

Prices charged are those ruling at the time of order.


Kent Coal reserves the right to alter prices and specifications as they may be made by manufacturers or competitors.




Private Customers charged at 5% ~ Inclusive at Checkout

Commercial Customers Deliveries Of Under 1000kg At 5%,

Over 1000kg Will Be Charged At 20% by arrangement only ~ Please call for larger quantities.


All invoices are inclusive of 5% VAT Only. Trade or commercial buyers may only order by account.

Please call to open a trade account with Kent Coal or email directly to:



Nationwide Palletised Delivery Service To Mainland UK

25kg Sealed Bags Of Coal/Fuel Packed Onto Pallets, Mixed Pallets are also welcome...


Delivery is made by using a hand manouvered pump truck. The driver will pull up to the kerbside and using a tailift - will manually pull and deliver the pallet to the kerb or road side. Please remember that as the pallets are moved by hand on a pump truck - it is not possible to offload onto slopes, gravel or grassed areas. If you want the goods pulling onto a driveway then please try to be there to assist the driver and remember that this will only be possible if your driveway does not slope in any direction or step and only if it is a solid, level surface, such as concrete or tarmac driveway. For Health and Safety Reasons, The Driver is only permitted to offload to the kerb side, it is the buyers responsibilty to stack or store the delivery, at the requested address adequately.

Kent Coal and or hauliers will not be held responsible for any damage or injury caused for delivery's left Kerb side at the buyers request.







Please advise in writting but no later than 2 days of receipt of order: any damages or shortages for  the order supplied. You can do this initially by phone or preferably directly by email to:

Complaints after this period cannot be accepted.


Mulitple Lines

In the unlikely event that an item is out of stock, then the invoice will clearly state 'To Follow' in which case you do not need to contact us, we will ship the outstanding item as soon as we obtain it.

We will However confirm this with you prior to despatch.


Third party carrier P.O.D signiture ( Proof of delivery ) cannot be reclaimed after reciept of goods is signed for in full with no comments relating to damage or missing items, so please check your delivery completely before signing " Received In Full / In Good Condition ".

Any Damages, Shortages or missing items, must be included onto the P.O.D at the time of delivery preferably or by no later than 48 hours after delivery, by email to:



Web Tracking

Kent Coal does not disclose buyers information to third parties except for delivery details provided to our couriers or third party hauliers. Our website does use cookies, however, these are only used to enable you to place items within your shopping cart for the purpose of taking online orders.






These conditions apply to the sale and delivery of any Products (‘or Goods’) supplied by T White T/A T.White Coal Merchant  (‘the Company) to a purchaser (‘the Buyer’) unless they are inconsistent with any other express terms of agreement made between the Seller and the Buyer - in writing before the Products are delivered.

The following conditions of sale do not imply a credit account - ongoing credit will not be granted.


1).  Offer of Acceptance


        1. The placing of an order (whether orally or in writing) and whether or not based on a quotation from the Company, shall be deemed to be subject to the Terms and Conditions herein contained, and these Terms and Conditions shall be applied to the order and to any contract resulting from the acceptance thereof to the exclusion of any other provision contained in any other document issued by either the Buyer or the Company. In particular, but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing contained in any order sent by the Buyer.

        2. Any modifications or amendments of these Terms and Conditions shall not be binding upon the Company unless otherwise stipulated herein, or agreed on behalf of the Company by duly authorised individual.

        3. The Company reserves the right to reject or hold, in whole or in part, any order or request to supply, where/if the full conditions of sale have not been met from the buyer in accordance to the companys condition of sale.


2).  Delivery

        1. Any delivery dates and times given are estimates only and any delay in delivery shall not give the Buyer the right to repudiate the contract or to reject the Goods in question. The Company does not accept any liability for any loss or damage resulting from delay in delivery, or failure to deliver whether or not caused by circumstances within its own control.

        2. Delivery of and risk in the Goods shall be deemed to have been taken place by the physical delivery - as transfer of the Goods to the Buyer, at his Company address or premises, or the physical delivery of the Goods to the Buyer’s haulier or to an independent haulier employed by the Buyer for the carriage of the Goods in question.

        3. Signature of any delivery by any agent, employee or representative of the Buyer or by any independent haulier shall be conclusive proof of the delivery or by the Company or its Agent, Haulier carrying out the delivery in accordance with specific instructions given in writing by the Buyer.

        4. The Company cannot accept any responsibilities for the health and safety of the Buyer or his/hers representatives mounting the Company’s vehicles for whatever reason or purpose.

        5. Except when within a written guarantee is given by the Company, at any time or date for the delivery is an estimate only and shall not be of the essence. Claims for non-delivery or damage will only be accepted if received in writing within 3 days of date of delivery or of damage.

        6. Damage caused due to inadequate site access and or the lack of proper facilities shall be at the risk of the Buyer.


3).  Quantity, Weights & Measure

        1. The quantity of all consignments shall be ascertained by or on behalf of the Company and be notified to the Buyer on a delivery or advice note. Such quantity shall be conclusive unless any irregularity in the measuring or in the notification is proved.

        2. Details of any quantity deficiency subsequently evidenced by the Buyer must be notified to the Company within 24 hours of the delivery.


4).  Transfer of Property

        1. The property in the Goods shall not pass to the Buyer and legal beneficial ownership of the Goods shall remain with the Company unless and until the Company has received payment in full for the Goods in question (each being considered as a whole).

        2. The Buyer holding such Goods as bailee and storing the same separately or prior re-sale in which case the Company’s beneficial entitlement shall attach to the proceeds of the re-sale or to the claim for such proceeds.

        3. The Buyer at all time shall hold such proceeds of sale as trustees for the Company.

        4. In the event of recovery of Goods being necessary, the Company shall be entitled to enter any premises where these Goods are stored or believed to be stored.


5).  Risk & Insurance

        1. The Company shall not be liable in respect of any claim arising out of any loss or damage caused to any person or property by the use of any of the Goods supplied.



6).  Payment Terms, Online Retail Orders

        1. All goods remain the property of T White T/A T.White Coal Merchant until paid for in full.

        2. All orders recieved online, are subject to third party banking ( SSL Secured ) and cannot be despatched until funds are confirmed as being recieved.

        3. The company, if whereby the buyer with holds funds and in subsequent breach of these terms ( proven incorrectly with held funds ) can be charged interest at the rate of 2% per month without prejudice, to the Company’s rights of recovery.

        4. The Buyer shall not be entitled to make any set-offs against sums due to the Company or withhold payment in respect of any counterclaim without the express written permission of the Company



     Payment Terms, Trade

        1. Payment of the Goods is expected to be made in accordance with terms agreed by the Company. A Buyer in subsequent breach of these terms can be charged interest at the rate of 2% per month without prejudice to the Company’s rights of recovery.

        2. The Buyer shall not be entitled to make any set-offs against sums due to the Company or withhold payment in respect of any counterclaim without the express written permission of the Company.



7).  VAT/Duty

        1. All prices quoted are inclusive of Value Added Tax ruling at the time of supply.

        2. All prices relating to the supply of Hydrocarbon Fuels and or Goods shall include Excise Duty at the rate in force at the time of supply. All variations in duty (or any other Government taxation’s) is for the Buyer’s account as levied from time to time.

        3. We cannot issue Trade/ Re seller invoices above the levied rate, unless a trade account has been opened and agreed. All invoices over 1000KG will carry the implimented rate. All orders under 1000KG at the levied rate.



8).  Force Majeure

        1. If the Company is prevented or delayed (directly or indirectly) from making a delivery of the Goods or any part thereof on the agreed date of delivery or from otherwise performing the contract or any part thereof by reason of act(s) of God, war, riot(s), lock-out(s), trade dispute(s), fire(s), break-down, interruption of transport, Government action, delay in delivery to the Company of any Goods or materials or by any cause whatsoever (whether or not of like nature to those specified above) outside its control, it shall be under no liability to the Buyer and shall be entitled without any liability to extend the time or times for delivery or otherwise performing the contract or any part thereof by period equivalent to that during which such delivery or installation or performance has been prevented by any of the restrictions herein before referred to.



9).  Returns, Quality Complaints

        1. If the Buyer has cause to lodge a complaint of the quality of the Goods delivered by the Company, details of such complaint must be received in writing at the Company’s office within 3 days of the Goods being delivered in order that the complaint can receive attention. Outside of this arrangement the Buyer will not be entitled to receive recompense from the Company should the complaint subsequently contain any substance. These are circumstances bourne to us as suppliers / merchants and every ressolve will be taken to ensure customer satisfaction.

        2. Any goods returned must be in a saleable condition and unopened within the original packaging/containers. Any goods returned must be made with the prior written agreement of the Company.

        3. If the buyer wishes to return an order as " Un wanted " where the goods are correctly sent in accordance to the buyers request, The buyer will be responsible for the delivery and return costs for the order. if the order is in correctly sent or not as requested, the seller will be repsonsible for all return costs associated and re delivery.

        4. The buyer may not without prior consent, return the goods without notification - at the time of delivery.












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