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We're kinda hoping that by now ~ you may have realised we are a fully bonified coal merchant with regular monthly rounds - delivering Coal all over Kent and the South East, to many customers -

which we have worked with and built up ~  through the years.


The company was originally set up and run under the name:

D.W.Lewis, and those that use our services, will know I took over

the business when the owner - Dave Lewis  "father in law", retired.

This was some 12 Years ago. The Business has been running

over 20 years in total


The Business has grown so well over this period, that

the offer to take over: The Old Coal Yard in Larkfield ~

New Htythe Lane   -  was not only a needy addition but

an essential one too. The need to service a bigger customer and

business base had both grown in recent years ~ The coal yard gives

us the space to increase stock holding and allow customer collections.


There is regular monthly rounds for every Area in the 40 mile radius that we opperate from. We can tailor your delivery needs around any specific times and requirements that you may have.


We are both flexible and accomodating, which is why the business is expanding so well ~ in such recent difficult times.








We all know last winter was a problem for most suppliers and  hope with that in hindsight ~

You are ready stocked for this coming winter.


Thus far this year, we've all been pretty lucky with a very mild winter but be ready when the white stuff hits, so we all don't get caught out - again !


If you have missed your regular delivery -

we are going to be running an emergency service, whereby we will deliver a smaller quantity to get you by.

There will be no extra surcharges ~ all we ask, when it comes to your regular supply


Please bare us in mind !


We also know what it’s like to run out or be let down by other suppliers, which is why we are offering this service & are ready stocked for the Winter ourselves.


We will endeavour to do our utmost to ensure

none of our customers are left sitting in the cold this winter.


A 5 bag delivery will be delivered on one of our smaller vehicles ~ on a 1st come ~ 1st served basis.

We now have ample supply of Rock Salt by the 25kg bag.

There’s great deals for 5 bag orders ~ Be Ready !


We can arrange delivery to coincide with coal delivery at no extra charge.  

25kg’s Rock Salt ~ only £6.90


Wood Fuel Briquettes ~

It’s what the chimney sweeps recommend and rave about.  

Only £4.20 ~ per Briquette.


Longer lasting - Eco friendly and always worth holding a few for  “Just in Case”.  

Will store and last till required.



Special price for log Nets.

Make sure you’ve got yours ready for Christmas.

All dried and ready to go.


Netted logs, approx  12kg’s £4.20  ~ with Coal order



Ready to use kindling in easy storage carry bags

Only  £3.90 per bag  ~ with Coal order



Free Local Deliveries


Some Hot Products to Help you Through!


But If You Do ~ We're Here to Help

Check our Service Area & Prices below then Give us a Call

Your Local Supplier ... Free Local Deliveries

We have a range of vehicle sizes and are able to fulfil smaller orders within the radius ~ Please Call,  we're always happy to discuss any quantities or requirements


We have a Vehicle to suit all your Delivery Needs  

And a Flexible Schedule to Accommodate Specific Times


Deliveries are normally made within 3 working days or to Desired Arrangement.

Our Stock holding gives us the ability to Compete with the big Commercial Giants

But we're still small enough to treat each customer individually - with care.

Check Our Service Area ~ Below


No Order too Big

No Order too Small

Simply Call


Free Local Deliveries ~ If Your in this Area ~ You Qualify for free Delivery

If You don't ~

Give us a Call  

We'll see what

We can do ;-)

If You don't ~

Give us a Call  

We'll see what

We can do ;-)

Free Local Deliveries ~ If Your in this Area ~ You Qualify for free Delivery

Call Us to place your Order

Call Us to place your Order