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Next to look at is the " Side Navigation"  Which looks like this


How This Site Works

A Quick and Easy Run Through of  "How this Site Works".


We have designed this site to be as simple as ~ Scroll and Click, for both navigation and shopping.


We want Your experience with us - to be a simple and effortless one, with every detail being only a click away.That all the products, information, pricing and purchasing be as easy as possible to access, for clarity and speed.


All Sales are Inclusive of  VAT and Delivery; Subject to Post Code Zones, which are user defined.


Please Visit the Delivery Zones Page to correctly Identify your Delivery Zone - Before Purchasing !

How to Access - Delivery Zones are also covered on this page.



How this Site Works ! ...

Lets start with the Loading Bar - At the very top of each page

The Loading Bar is your Main - Direct Navigation tool to move around this Site.


As you hover over the text - in the bar, the button will change from red to black, this lets you know if you select ( Left Click ) your mouse, you will be going to that page. At any point you can click the " Home " button in the Loading bar to get back to the start.

Some pages have - drop down menu's - for further pages or information within that category.


Hover over the " Fuels To order " and a list will drop down for quick direct links to that specific Fuel. We dont want to create 20 buttons in the loading page for each fuel, so this is your short cut


The buttons are very easy to understand and to find what information is behind them.




There will be various side buttons which will all be self explanitary.


On these pages there will always be the Home Page button in the Loading Bar visible ~ so you can always get back to the begining.



Now lets take a look at ~ Delivery Zones

Now lets take a look at ~ Shopping

When your ready to order your product / products ~ it's as easy as Carrots and Peas.


From the Loading Bar Select ~ Shop, Scroll through and Select your product by clicking

" Buy Here ".


This will take you to PayPal, where you can enter the desired quantity ~ Check Out, or return to Continue Shopping by adding further items to build your order.


At the Top of each Product Page there is a button " Click Here for a Different Product ".

This will take you to the Product menu again, where you can choose another product

to build your order. Do this until you have completed your order.


In the Loading Bar ( Far Right)  there is a button " View Cart ". When you have all your items you can press this to proceed to paypal and Check Out. All your items will appear on the left hand side. You can complete by Paypal account or pay with any Credit / Debit Card.


Now lets take a look at ~ PayPal

differnt_product_button View Cart

There's many ways in which to complete your order and pay us.

In the Loading Bar, Select  " Payments " to find all the options available to you.




All Major Credit / Debit Cards & Paypal:


This shop site uses Secure Payments by PayPal for its Checkout service.


Pay safely and securely using your credit or debit card.

PayPal is the largest and most respected online payment processor on the internet.

PayPal is free to use and you can pay using your credit or debit card, directly.





All purchases made through PayPal are protected against fraud.

Using PayPal's secure servers, only PayPal, not even the merchant is provided with your credit card information.



"You do Not Need a PayPal Account to use this Service"

cont_shopping check_out dont_have_paypal peas carrots

You can complete by Paypal with your Paypal account or  with any Credit / Debit Card as normal. You can be a guest and complete your order without needing a Paypal Account.


There is no charge for this service and your transaction is fully encrypted with highly sophisticated SSL protection.


We will be sent - email of transaction and order pending. All orders received before 2PM sent same day.




If you experience any problems or would prefer to complete over the phone

Please Call :01732 873423 or Mobile: 07711 625471

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You can

Also Call

to Place

an Order

If  you are New to Coal or are unsure if your buying the right coal for your appliance.


Then check out our coal guide, clearly identifies the fuel, the application or appliance, the efficiency rating and may give you a better idea to alternatives.


The overall rating is indicated by our little flame man, the bigger he is -

the better the rating for

the fuel is.

flame_man_mask flame_man_mask flame_man_mask

You must also check if you are in a Smoke Controlled Area and obide by the laws  regarding the use of certain Types of  Fuels !

This Site uses

Adobe Flash for images and frames


If this site is running slow - Please check your version from

this link below.

Some pages that do have heavy graphics or images take a little longer to load, but if too long - try clearing your browser cache and re load the page.


This will help maximise browsing speed and your viewing experience.


You can bookmark your most regular pages for faster access too

If you experience any difficulites with this site - please email


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