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Welcome to my blog


I will be posting some updates and news items here, as they come along. Please feel free to add any comments


Please keep it clean and respect all other users at all times.


There's many ways to contact me directly if you wish ~ please see the contact page.


Hope you find it of use !



By Tony White, May 14 2012 07:08AM

Summer prices are here, Call now for the best prices possible.

This happens but once a year and lasts until September 2012.

You can pre pay your order and arrange convienient delivery date that suits.

We can deliver same week if you are ready, but don't miss out on our best prices.

No matter how big or small, we want you to save & yake advantage of these summer savings

Kindest Regards


By Tony White, Feb 12 2012 09:22AM

we have maintained a 100% delivery schedule through out January ~ upto today - Mid Feb. With the fall of snow - freezing conditions and huge increase in orders ~ we're rather proud of that record. There has been price reductions on some fuels on the web site as a further promotion too.

That's why your order is best placed with us ~ we care and deliver

By Tony White, Dec 17 2011 06:12PM

The Coal Yard will remain open all week ~ leading up to Christmas from 8.30 to 4.30 PM

If we know your coming we will stay later to serve as many customers as possible.

By Tony White, Dec 17 2011 05:56PM

Taking orders upto Wednesday 2.30Pm for gteed delivery by Friday 23th Dec

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