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Kent Coal . Com


About Us...

Meet the Owner:  Tony


The Company was Originally set up and run under the Name: D.W.Lewis. Our regular round ~ customers, will know I took the business over - when the former owner  Dave Lewis ~ My Father in-Law - Retired.


This was some 16 Years ago - The business has been running for over 24 years in total and has rapidly grown the direct customer base and to the retail trade as well.

The Business has grown so fast over the last 5 years, that the offer to take over: The Old Coal Yard in Larkfield ~ New Htythe Lane   -  was not only a needy addition but an essential one too.


The need to service a bigger direct customer and retail trade base - meant that our stock holding - urgently needed to increase for stock consistancy and buffer production shortages.


The coal yard gives us the space to increase stock holding and allow customer collections.


We have regular artic deliveries into the yard and have our own fork lifts for loading / unloading.


Mick ( above ) and I - are the main delivery drivers and we

both, double up to run the yard for collections and unloading.


There are 2 other seasonal drivers for the winter period,

who mainly deliver to the retail trade.


We have a range of  Vehicles to suit all of your Delivery Needs  

and a flexible schedule to accommodate specific requirements.


You will find at Kent Coal that we share our knowledge & experience. If your New to Solid Fuel and you need some free unpartial advice, give us a call. We will gladly advise you on your fuel options for your appliance and point you in the right direction. There is no hard sales at Kent Coal, Just simple facts and a happy smile.


If Mick don't look like this when he serves you  ~ He get's to make you a free cuppa - on me.

Thanks for taking the time to read ~ Tony.  

If your New to Solid Fuel and need some Advice or Guidance

Please Give us a Call ~ 01732 873423 or Mobile: 07711625471  

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